Lydia Lorenz always knew that she wanted to take up a creative career. She therefore decided to make her passion – painting – her profession. Not on canvas, but on a computer. The sheer endless possibilities quickly turned her profession into a real vocation. 
After training as an advertising and marketing assistant, Lydia Lorenz founded her own advertising agency “trend label” in 1999. The creative hotbed stands for fresh and unconventional ideas – creating authentic solutions without imposing a certain style.
Since 2010, Lydia Lorenz has been committed to free painting. In her works of art, she creates a new dimension of abstract images, thus allowing the viewer to gain insights on various levels. Her paintings reveal skilful brush strokes, a lot of imagination and a great joy in experimenting with colours and forms. They radiate a luminosity that reaches the viewers and attracts their attention. Lydia Lorenz moves between abstraction and figuration. Her paintings have been exhibited at numerous venues in Kitzbühel, Lisbon, Miami, Paris, Beijing and other places.
Lydia Lorenz works full-time as Marketing Specialist at Ericsson Antenna Technology Germany GmbH in Rosenheim and is responsible for the corporate visual appearance.
Exhibitions include
2011 – 2019 Waldkraiburg House of Culture, various group exhibitions
2011 – 2018 Mühldorf District Office, various individual and group exhibitions
10/2012 Satrouville (Paris, France), group exhibition
05/2013 Art Beijing (Beijing, China)
12/2013 Art Scope (Miami, USA)
04/2016 Colorida Art Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal), group exhibition
06/2016 Casino Kitzbühel (Austria), group exhibition
01/2019 Vinothek Hacker Rosenheim, individual exhibition
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